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Carbide Burrs

Need some carbide burrs? Browse through the wide range of carbide burrs, with a ball end, or a tapered radius end , or a tree radius end or something else. We have a wide range of carbide burrs on the shelf ready for dispatch now.
Carbide Rotary Burrs are used for cutting, shaping, grinding and for the removal of sharp edges, burrs and excess material (deburring).
They are designed to rotate at a very high speed which enables it to manipulate the material it is working on. When working with metal, burrs are great for deburring, shaping and enlarging holes. Tungsten carbide rotary burrs can be used on all metals including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. They are commonly used by metal fabricators and engineers for tool making, model engineering, jewelry making, welding, deburring, grinding, and sculpting.
Browse through the range of carbide burrs to find what you need. 
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