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Mag Drills

Need a magnetic base drill for your next project? We have a range of Holemaker mag drills on the shelf ready for dispatch now.
magnetic drillmag drill for short, is a drill used to cut metal. Magnetic drills are made up from 4 key components: a magnetic base, a drill stand, a motor, and an arbor or chuck. You can use a wide variety of tooling with mag drills including annular cutters, twist drills, taps, reamers, and counter sinks.
By using a magnetic drill, you’ll gain the precision and speed for drilling in tough materials when you need to drill with accuracy and consistency. Magnetic drills have strong electromagnetic base enabling it to adhere to a carbon steel (ferrous metal) surface while turned on. Magnetic drills can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically or overhead which is especially useful in construction. Be sure to secure your mag drill to the surface being drilled into, especially when overhead, to avoid drops from heights or onto your head.
Browse through the range of magnetic base drills (mag drills) to find what you need. 
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