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Riveting Tools

Require a hand riveter or nutsert riveter? We have a range of riveters and nutsert riveters and more on the shelf ready for dispatch now. 
riveter is a manual tool that is used to install blind rivets, usually to fasten two or more pieces of material together. A blind rivet is a permanent fastener that consists of a head, a cylindrical body and a mandrel – a long pin that goes through the hollow body.
Nutsert riveters install nutserts. Nutserts, sometimes called rivet nuts or threaded rivets, are permanent nuts that can be inserted into existing or new holes. Like a rivet, the nutsert expands and deforms during installation to tightly hold the hardware in place.
Browse through the range of riveters to find what you need. 
Need help to find the right tool to suit your job? For any inquiries or questions, email sales@fasttrade.co.nz or call one of our friendly and helpful team members on 06 872 6777.

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